Stop Dreaming - Start Making Comics

Do you want to make comics, want to get better, but don't even know where to begin?

Do you want to make comics, but feel overwhelmed by your own dreams?

Do you know your work isn't good enough, but have no idea where to even begin making it better?

Don't sweat, it, you're not alone.

We've all been there, but we at SAW have found the right answers to these questions, and can help you do the same. More importantly, we can help you stop asking questions and start making great comics.

"Ultimately most students aren't dissatisfied with their work, they're dissatisfied with themselves. People don't realize that they have the wherewithal to make the decisions that will change their lives." - Justine

Saying "I am an artist" is easy, being one is hard, and we're in the business of getting you past saying you are and artist and helping you to become an artist... and one who really makes powerful, unique art.

So, what's missing, what do successful artists have that you don't? Sometimes it's mentorship, always it's knowledge, skill and chops, but perhaps more than anything it's a starting point. A lot of eager would-be artists get totally buffalo'ed by their own dreams, by realizing not only what they don't know, but by realizing they don't even know where to go to get it.

Our faculty consists not of hard-working professional artists who know their craft and are passionate about passing their knowledge and skill on so that you can go from dreamer to doer.

Everyone who teaches at SAW has at one time or another sat on the fan side of the table and asked the same questions of themselves that you are asking, the only difference is we found answers, which is why we can help you find answers too. The SAW difference is a mentorship approach that is not only more personal, but more tailored to the specific needs of a comic book artists or cartoonist than traditional college art programs. We specialize in what they ignore or scoff at.

Tom Hart, our founder, has been the Executive Director of The Sequential Artists Workshop, a school and arts organization in Gainesville, Florida since 2012.

His 2016 memoir, Rosalie Lightning, debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List and was featured on many Best-Of-2016 lists.

He cites years of not knowing how to write or draw as motivation to teach, now that he knows how. "When I started out", he says "I didn't have a thought in my head!"

Our Drawing Instructor Justine Mara Andersen says:

"When I was a young struggling artist I found myself misplaced in an overly-expensive art program at a local college that not only was incapable of helping me become what I wanted to become (a comics artist and fantasy illustrator), they actually did everything they could to convince me that what I wanted to pursue wasn't worthy of their time... AND they expected me to pay them stupid amounts of money for the privilege. Ultimately I met a serious industry professional, and he talked me into quitting college and studying under him. From him I met other serious pros, and they soon became my mentors. For years I not only could not figure out why they had bothered to devote so much time and energy on me, but more deeply, I could not figure out how I could ever pay them back. Then, it occurred to me... they didn't want me to pay it back, they wanted me to pass it along. I'm grateful that SAW gives me the opportunity to pay them back by passing it along. Not only that, but I am passing along all the things I learned from years of professional work experience with companies like DC Comics, Image Comics, Fantagraphics, WOTC (Dungeons and Dragons), Lucasfilm, as well as my experiences designing ballet set design, mural design, and animation."

Jess Ruliffson is and award-winning cartoonist currently interviewing veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for a full-length graphic novel. She’s given lectures and workshops at The Drawing Center, The Center for Cartoon Studies, and The Sequential Artist Workshop. She recently completed artwork for The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan by Bryan Doerries, available April 2016 from Pantheon Books. Other clients include The Boston Globe, Wilson Quarterly, Oxford American, E-Line Industries, Columbia University School of Journalism,, PEN America, The NYC Police Foundation, Symbolia Magazine, The Cartoon Picayune, and So What? Press.

In our classes we'll take you from inspiration and dream to productivity and confidence.

So, it's time to stop dreaming and stop doing by joining our students and learning from a team of instructors and artists who have turned dreamers into doers for years at SAW, and many of us, for years before that.

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