Sequential Artists Workshop

Courses in Comics and Graphic Novels by SAW's Top Educators

Stop Dreaming, Start Making Comics


How To Say Everything

PAY WHAT YOU WANT E-Book! Get moving with Tom Hart's opus on freeing your creative self. A book about creativity, comics, writing with pictures, & staying engaged with your medium. Our most popular content with more than 3,000 downloads!

$50.00 first payment, $20.00 / month onwards

Dancing the Panther Working Group

Go to the idea place and keep the pencil moving. Inspiring exercises, mystical musings.


Going in for the Snakes

Looking directly at the most emotionally direct material. Words, drawings, honesty, transmutation, valences, and a little bit of lying in service of emotional power. A full community-based class.


Storytelling Flow - Starts Sept 17, 2018

Loosen up and flow through your own ideas and images. 8 session, 5-Week Class starts again Sept 17, 2018.

$9.99 / month with 14 day free trial

Comics FLOW Intensive Working Group

Always Enrolling. Stay loose and productive with this group of sequential art monsters from all over the SAW community. Weekly exercises, teacher input & a wealth of rich, engaging, learning content all for you when you enroll for a month or more.


Creating Your Graphic Memoir - 16 Videos and 8 PDFs

The Art of Telling Your Personal Story in Comics. This self-guided course of videos and exercises will help you on your way.

$30.00 / month with 7 day free trial

Graphic Memoir Intensive Working Group

Always Enrolling. Shine a light on your ideas and memories in this intensive interactive working class in creating your graphic memoir. Sliding scale monthly pricing.


Comics and Visual Storytelling for Writers - Always Enrolling

ALWAYS ENROLLING. Teacher input in SAW Group. Do you have good work waiting to be adapted to comics? This course helps you make that transition from prose to sequential art.


Single-Year Intensive Program in Gainesville

Comics Bootcamp for serious students of comic book and sequential art. Apply now for 2018-19. This course of free materials tells you what you need to know!


Inking One: Learn It - Begins Again April 2018

Full Instructor Input. Go beyond hesitation, confusion and fear and learn to master drawing in ink line. Begins again April 2018


Depth and Details - Enrolls Jan 2018

How to create more depth and details in your drawings without losing clarity.


Inking Two: Nail It - Enrolls Jan 2018

Work from literacy to mastery of brush and ink in this 6-week intensive with SAW master instructor Justine Andersen.


Painting in Gouache - Always Enrolling

Want to learn to paint in lush, vibrant gouache? Struggling to figure out how to mix colors? Let Jess Ruliffson show you!


Perspective Drawing - 2 Videos - Always Enrolling

Drawing detailed and accurate one-point perspective drawings is harder than it looks. In this 2-video mini-course, Jason Little shows you all you need to be able to understand one-point perspective.


Creating Professional Comic Strips with Ease - PDF Downloads

Guiding you through the entire creation of a comic strip: idea building, drawing, lettering and coloring


Storytelling with The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan - Free

A free course in understanding comics through the graphic novel, The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan


Free Resources

SAW's (evergrowing) free library of hints, tricks, techniques and inspirations. Sign in and browse around!


How to Draw a Horse - Free Long-Form Video

In this free 30 minute video, Jason Little demonstrates how to look at and draw a horse.


Justine's Drawing Package: Depth and Details and Inking One

Depth and Details and Inking One for 33% off!


Non-Fiction Comics - Enrolling Again Late 2017

Take your research, interviews and journalistic materials and turn them into vibrant graphic storytelling. Full instructor input.


Really Funny Gag Cartoons with Emily Flake - Enrolling Soon

Learn joke-craft, brevity, pacing, drawing, and the secrets of the New Yorker Gag Cartoon here with E. Flake! Full instructor input.