Inking Master Class 2: Nail It!

Ever ask "What the hell am I supposed to do now?" once you've finished a class?

Have you ever wished the class hadn't stopped?

Have you thought, "I miss the discipline of the class," Have you?

Well, no need for the hard sell here. This class is, by its nature, selective, and only available to graduates of Justine's Inking Master Class 1: Learn It! Do you want to pick up where you left off, master all you've learned, put it all to work for you, and enjoy the structure of Justine's classes and expectations? Alright then, let's keep going!

Who's ready to keep going?

To be honest, when Justine pitched this class to Tom Hart (SAW founder), she was torn between knowing it was a good idea that filled a much needed hole in the education and learning experience. You see, she knew that once students grow and learn, they need disciplined time to practice and internalize. But she doubted if the concept would work. Would there be enough of Justine's alumni to join a second class devoted to mastery after the initial learning was done?

Here's you chance to keep moving and internalize all you've just learned!

And how often she has watched students complain of "plateaus," after huge leaps forward in their skills and understanding. But learning can't all be an uphill ride, sometimes artists have to take time to master what they've learned. If an artist is always climbing, they never have a chance to internalize all they've learned. Here's you chance to internalize! We're going to take our time in Inking 2 and really enjoy using all

So what was old Justine thinking?

Well, what we just said!

How often she has seen students flounder when the class was over.

How often she has heard students long for the discipline of the class to continue.

More specifically, it's so easy to backslide and lose some of what you've gained.

And what do you do once you plateau?


So Justine has plotted out your course so you can internalize and master all you've learned! In Inking 2 we'll spend less time learning and more time DOING, but doing what? We'll dig in and keep those brushed moving by practicing and working on Justine's famous "Inking worksheets." We'll experiment with non-traditional tools and have fun! We'll dig into the finer points of inking and talk about and work on more esoteric lessons and activities like seeing and learning the difference between tight and loose, and just as importantly between loose and sloppy. We'll develop a more sophisticated eye that will not only notice the highly personal language of line the great inkers and artists have developed... we'll learn how to become consciously aware of the language of line you, the student, are choosing to use! So let's dig in, work hard, have fun, learn, develop our eyes, and learn to think and breathe in line!

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Week1: Welcome Back... Let's Review & Look Deeper!
    Show details
    • Review & Looking Deeper
    • Grasses In The Distance Instructions
    • Grasses In The Distance Workshet
    • Review And Looking Deeper Into Mastery 1 of 2
    • Fur Worksheet To Come!
    • Review And Looking Deeper Into Mastery 2 of 2
    • Inking Instructions: Fur
    • Inking Worksheet: Fur
  • 02
    Week 2: What I Learned Aping The Masters, 1
    Show details
    • Aping The Masters... Or What I Learned On The CRA Project 1
    • Aping The Masters Video 1
    • Aping The Masters Homework
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Option 3
    • Option 4
    • Option 5
    • Option 6
    • Option 7
    • Option 8
  • 03
    Week 3: Revisiting An Old Friend
    Show details
    • Revisiting An Old Friend "On the Laws Of Japanese Painting."
    • Japanese Painting and PDF Of Book!
    • Homework: Practice Techniques
    • Lines In Asian Art 1
    • Homework - Draw 3 subjects in that style
    • Lines In Asian Art 2
  • 04
    Week 4: What I learned Aping the Masters, 2
    Show details
    • Aping the Masters 2 (Or What I Learned On the CRA Project)
    • Justine and Tom discuss the CRA project process
    • CRA Annual Report Complete Color PDF
    • CRA Complete High Resolution Inks
    • Homework Light Line-Weight Variation
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Option 3
    • Option 4
    • Option 5
    • Option 6
    • Option 7
    • Heavy Line-Weight Variation Vs. Light Line-Weight Variation
    • COMING SOON: Justine Discusses CRA Inks
    • Option 8
    • Option 9
    • CRA, Aping The Masters Inks
  • 05
    Week 5: "Nontraditional Inks"
    Show details
    • What are "nontraditional inks?"
    • "Nontraditional Inks" (Whatever That Means...))
    • Homework
  • 06
    Week 6: Loosen Up Dammit!
    Show details
    • On Loosening Up
    • Loosen Up! Lecture
    • Homework for loosening up!
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Option 3
    • Option 4
  • 07
    Week 7 (Bonus): DIY
    Show details
    • Now... Put It All To Work!

What others have said

“Next to finally getting to grips with using the Windsor-Newton, I have seen a huge improvement in my inking, and I am really enjoying exploring it more, studying the line art of master artists... It changed how I draw, how I look at inking, trying to design each line as a beautiful stroke. This has been a big game-changer/life-changer for me, Justine, THANK YOU!”


Ayal Pinkus

“This class got me thinking about things like texture, spotting blacks, visual storytelling and composition in ways I never have before and if these drawings are successful I truly owe a lot of that success to you and these classes... I feel creatively energized, like I'm armed with a box of new tools to make my ideas come to life on a blank page and I can't thank you enough Miss Justine. ”


Dave Hotstream

Price for 6-week program and permanent access

  • Justine Mara Andersen

    Instructor Bio:


    Hey, I'm Justine, and I've been with SAW from the beginning. Before SAW I was a veteran pro... but before that, I, presumably, like you, had no idea where to begin. I had ambition, hunger, desire, but no focus, no discipline, no chops, and worse, no mentors. I knew what I wanted, but I also knew how lousy I was and how little I knew, and worse, that no one at college was qualified to help me learn what I really needed to know.

    The worst part was, I was so ignorant when it came not only to art, but to comics, that I was drowning in my own naivete. I didn't know where to begin...

    Then I met my mentors, P. Craig Russell, Val Mayerik, Dan Adkins, Jim Steranko, Frank Thorne, John Workman, and Jeff Jones. At first it was brutal, I was immediately confronted with the shameful realization that I didn't know a damn thing bout drawing, nor about comics, and I suddenly felt an urgent need to get it together and get down to the hard work of learning the hard stuff, of learning the discipline of setting aside the fun stuff to focus on fundamentals.

    Then, for decades, I worked 60 hours a week, I made a lot of sacrifices, and did every damn thing my mentors told me to do. In that time, I completed 4 published graphic novels for Fantagraphics, inked for DC Comics, Image Comics, and created hundreds of illustrations for WOTC/Dungeons & Dragons, as well as for Lucasfilm, and countless more images for numerous clients in a wide range of projects from ballet stage design to animation.

    It's my philosophy that most of my students have set the bar too low for themselves, that they have no idea just how good and how BIG they can become as artists, if only they make wise conscious choices.

    What I excel at is saving my students time and suffering. I learned it the hard way so my students don't have to. Of all the gifts I have, perhaps the one I am most proud of is my ability to take complicated concepts and distill them into something I can pass along to my students. My students not only learn from my successes, but my failures, and if you learn from me, you are not only learning from me, but you will be learning all my mentors taught me.

    Through me, they and my own life lessons will all be teaching you together, and not just how to draw good comics, but about how to prioritize, set achievable goals, and how to avoid temptation and learn the discipline it takes to become great rather than merely good.

    My website is

    Justine Mara Andersen

    Drawing and Inking Maven