Inking Master Class at SAW with Justine Mara Andersen
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Inking Master Class One: Learn It

No need to be afraid, confused or frustrated anymore. You can learn to master drawing in ink.

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(all images by Justine)

Are you terrified of traditional inking tools and techniques? 

Are you so intimidated by traditional inking that you have given up and resorted to markers, brush pens and computer "inking?"

Have you ever wondered how the work of the great inkers never seem to look messy or ugly?

Have you ever felt defeated enough to say, "I could never do that."?

None of the masters of classic inking were born being able to ink clean and expressive pages—I know because I learned from them. To teach this magnificent art, I’ve put together visually rich lectures, demos, and tested exercises, so that you too can master inking with a brush and other traditional tools.

This class is based on five years of teaching in person classes at the Sequential Artists Workshop. The class will break down inking into manageable chunks. You’ll learn techniques, tricks, and methods that will give you the confidence and control to get in there and ink with real brushes and real ink on real paper! 

In particular, I know how to help you if you’ve...

...Ever wondered why your inks look like holy hell, sloppy and ham-fisted?

...Ever been terrified of bringing a brush to your page for fear of ruining the pencils you worked so hard on?

...Ever felt overwhelmed just by holding a brush.

If that’s you, don’t worry. I’ll show you how to get over the fear of the brush and start inking like a pro!


In our Inking Master Class 1, you will learn how to handle the tools of traditional inking focusing on the most versatile tool—your brush. Justine will teach you how to bring clarity to your drawings by making conscious choices about light and shadow, texture, and tone. Through her demos, lectures, and at-home projects, you’ll  let go of bad habits that muddy up your pages. 

What makes classic inking and inkers great is not a superpower. Great inking comes with practice, know-how, discipline, patience. It comes from the confidence of knowing that what you are doing and how light, shadow, and texture work—and Justine’s class can give you that confidence. 

To help you on your journey, Justine has prepared:

• Image-rich lectures that back up the importance of looking at great inking, and finally recognizing the beauty of line, and realizing the language of line used by the Masters.

• Visual demos describing how the brush is held, demos that will clearly demonstrate why the small things matter, and how inking is a full-body experience!

• This class offers specific projects and worksheets that will help you focus on the lessons you have just learned so that you are not only seeing, but actively doing.

• There will be others in the class, so you will have access to an online community of students who you will be able to reach out to and share your work with, and, Justine will stop in and give frequent incisive pointers. And yet the class has been designed so that each student will be able to compare and contrast their progress against their own work rather than against the work of other students.

• For an additional charge, you can have a one-on-one session with Justine.

Inking Master Class 1 of 2 will show you how to tell lines that say something from lines that just sit there.

(detail image by Justine inked with a toothpick)

Justine’s inking classes have been the highlight of the SAW experience for many of her students.

So, congratulations! At last, you know exactly where to begin!

Justine and all the teachers at SAW are working artists who not only know how to do what they teach, but how to teach what they do. In this class, Justine will be sharing with you her years of experience and expertise that has been celebrated by artists like Jim Steranko, Frank Thorne, and Jeff Jones.

By the end of this class you, too, will have begun to control your brush and your lines with greater confidence, and inking will have become something you enjoy rather than something you dread.

Justine's lectures and critiques balance universal techniques with highly personalized advice. Over the course of this class you will learn to see more clearly and master disciplines in ways that will carry over into your daily life. The discipline and knowledge you gain will carry through to whatever classes you take or images you make, and surprisingly, into other areas of your life!

And in the end the classes you take are equal to the art you'll make.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

13 Videos
15 Texts
8 PDFs

I can master drawing in brush and ink!

Show me how!
Justine Mara Andersen
Justine Mara Andersen
Drawing and Inking Maven

About the instructor

Hey, I'm Justine, and I've been with SAW from the beginning. Before SAW I was a veteran pro... but before that, I, presumably, like you, had no idea where to begin. I had ambition, hunger, desire, but no focus, no discipline, no chops, and worse, no mentors. I knew what I wanted, but I also knew how lousy I was and how little I knew, and worse, that no one at college was qualified to help me learn what I really needed to know. The worst part was, I was so ignorant when it came not only to art, but to comics, that I was drowning in my own naivete. I didn't know where to begin...

Then I met my mentors, P. Craig Russell, Val Mayerik, Dan Adkins, Jim Steranko, Frank Thorne, John Workman, and Jeff Jones. At first it was brutal, I was immediately confronted with the shameful realization that I didn't know a damn thing bout drawing, nor about comics, and I suddenly felt an urgent need to get it together and get down to the hard work of learning the hard stuff, of learning the discipline of setting aside the fun stuff to focus on fundamentals.

Then, for decades, I worked 60 hours a week, I made a lot of sacrifices, and did every damn thing my mentors told me to do. In that time, I completed 4 published graphic novels for Fantagraphics, inked for DC Comics, Image Comics, and created hundreds of illustrations for WOTC/Dungeons & Dragons, as well as for Lucasfilm, and countless more images for numerous clients in a wide range of projects from ballet stage design to animation.

It's my philosophy that most of my students have set the bar too low for themselves, that they have no idea just how good and how BIG they can become as artists, if only they make wise conscious choices.

What I excel at is saving my students time and suffering. I learned it the hard way so my students don't have to. Of all the gifts I have, perhaps the one I am most proud of is my ability to take complicated concepts and distill them into something I can pass along to my students. My students not only learn from my successes, but my failures, and if you learn from me, you are not only learning from me, but you will be learning all my mentors taught me.

Through me, they and my own life lessons will all be teaching you together, and not just how to draw good comics, but about how to prioritize, set achievable goals, and how to avoid temptation and learn the discipline it takes to become great rather than merely good.

Her website is

What others have been saying about this course:

Karr Antunes

Feeling great about inking

This class helped me think about inking and line work in a whole different way. I used to be really afraid of inking my pencils, but now my inks look even better than my pencil work because I'm more comfortable with inking. It's awesome!

"I have to say I deeply appreciate your style of teaching- both encouraging and growth oriented. I feel like I have made more progress in your class than any drawing class I've ever taken, frankly. Thank you." -Charl Elias

"An amazing experience! Justine Andersen has a unique take on how to get to the root of rendered depth and where to find and place meaningful details to serve composition. If you sit and do the work, like I did, you might actually stretch (and surprise) yourself. This was my first SAW class, and I was so bowled over by it, I found myself neglecting my other work to get back to this coursework... I'm so glad I chose to spontaneously jump into this class on a friend's recommendation (a day into the start of class, too!) as it was a super-rewarding experience. You cats have something special here, I hope to catch another class soon. I've pretty much sworn off on at least one other comic-tutoring site, since this one offers a superior experience." - Scott LeMien

This was honestly a mind-blowing experience. I feel so stupid for not having seen the things Justine points out. I see it in all the art from the artists I admire now: layered depth, structural contrast for clarity and to support the telling of the story. Life got in the way and I found it hard to find the time to do the exercises, but I looked at the videos and processed the information during the course weeks, and I will be processing it for the months to come as I design my compositions. This has changed how I look at designing images considerably. -- Collected in end-of-class .online survey


When does it start?

Soon! But Justine is also developing a follow up to the inking class as learning to ink is one thing, and mastering it is another discipline altogether. .

How long is the class?

6 sessions in 6 weeks.

Assignments and presentations from the classes will be available for download once a week. We'll have a week to look over the material and do the work.

The schedule is as follows:

Week 1. Introduction and Baseline

Week 2. Line Quality 1 - Say Something

Week 3. Line Quality 2 - Tighten Up

Week 4. Traditional Japanese Inking

Week 5. Line Quality 3 - Loosen Up

Week 6. Spotting Blacks and Final Inks

Is this a self-guided course or is there a cohort or community aspect?

This course is designed at present to create a community of students all working on the same projects at the same time and helping each other out in real time.

Where will the community be contained?

Google+ at this address. You will be asked to invite yourself when you sign up.

How much input will Justine have each session?

I plan to be involved as much as needed, and in my past on-line class students were satisfied with the depth and insight of feedback they received. Plus at the premium rate, I will work with each person one-
one-one for one hour.

What materials will I need?

• paper and 2-ply bristol board,

• Windsor Newton series 7 #2 brush, or equivalent Escoda brush

• cork-backed ruler

• "The Masters Brush Cleaner"

• Hunt 102 cro-quil pen

What's the final outcome of the course?

This class will focus far less on finished images and far more on the discipline and techniques required to make more confident and expressive marks.

Is this similar to what you do at SAW?

I have taught this for 5 years at SAW and at other places, so yes, but the presentations are a lot longer in person!

Will You Run This Class Again?

Probably so long as there are students.

Any more questions, email

I'm ready to learn ink for real!

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