Are you terrified of traditional inking tools and techniques?

Are you so intimidated by traditional inking that you have given up and resorted to markers, brush pens and computer "inking?"

Have you ever wondered how the work of the great inkers never seem to look messy or ugly?

Have you ever felt defeated enough to say, "I could never do that."?

None of the masters of classic inking were born being able to ink clean and expressive pages—I know because I learned from them. To teach this magnificent art, I’ve put together visually rich lectures, demos, and tested exercises, so that you too can master inking with a brush and other traditional tools.

This class is based on decades of drawing and seven years of teaching in person classes at the Sequential Artists Workshop.

The class will break down inking into manageable chunks. You’ll learn techniques, tricks, and methods that will give you the confidence and control to get in there and ink with real brushes and real ink on real paper! 

In particular, I know how to help you if you’ve...

...Ever wondered why your inks look like holy hell, sloppy and ham-fisted?

...Ever been terrified of bringing a brush to your page for fear of ruining the pencils you worked so hard on?

...Ever felt overwhelmed just by holding a brush.

If that’s you, don’t worry. I’ll show you how to get over the fear of the brush and start inking like a pro!


In our Inking Master Class 1, you will learn how to handle the tools of traditional inking focusing on the most versatile tool—your brush. Justine will teach you how to bring clarity to your drawings by making conscious choices about light and shadow, texture, and tone. Through her demos, lectures, and at-home projects, you’ll  let go of bad habits that muddy up your pages. 

What makes classic inking and inkers great is not a superpower. Great inking comes with practice, know-how, discipline, patience. It comes from the confidence of knowing that what you are doing and how light, shadow, and texture work—and Justine’s class can give you that confidence.