Kick Your Graphic Memoir Into Gear

Are you writing your graphic memoir?

Do you need feedback, guidance, and accountability?


to our graphic memoir intensive working group!

If you are working on autobiographical work, a graphic memoir, whether large or small, this is the place to be.

I've taught hundred of students, and my own memoir debuted at #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List.

I'm here to help you find your material, find your voice, with an audience of like-minded readers/creators. 

The Graphic Memoir Working Group started in Nov 2017 and has been AMAZING...

And there's plenty of room for you. 

Working Along is Hard!

Working without guidance is hard.  
Working without prompts, exercises and discipline is hard...

I've been there a million times!

But I also know how to get out of it (it's actually fun...)

Let our Graphic Memoir Intensive Working Group get you through.

In the Graphic Memoir Intensive, I'll share with you my favorite inspirations, the draft pitch and proposal I sent for my memoir, and the strategies I use to keep the story alive.

And you'll work with great people working through the same problems you're wrestling with.

In the group, you'll hear amazing stories, tell your own, work on storytelling, get lots of great group feedback as well as lots of input from me, along with guided exercises and examples and wisdom.

Jump in now!

You can learn to make your graphic novel soar.

Jump in anytime, subscribe for one month or 20, and learn from a master teacher and a cohort of like-minded writer/artists.

Come introduce yourself...

Come into the group, introduce yourself, and you'll get instant access to the abundance of materials below and wisdom from me and the rest of the past and present group.

A Masterclass of Material

Every week is a little different. Potential topics and exercises are all bundled in the curriculum below, and it's always growing! We'll pull from these materials as needed during class time, but you're always welcome to dive in and look around.

After an in-depth intro week, we’ll build our project piece by piece, by looking at:
  • the fear of getting started
  • personal material gathering
  • general structure
  • different tones of voice
  • visual metaphor
  • getting around sticky personal situations
  • cleaning up your room!
  • and the in-depth ways we can be compelling on the page
  • and much much much more (I'm always surprised myself!)
I’ll be listening to your feedback and will provide different exercises and discussions depending on what themes or issues surface.

Past students of mine know that I’m quick to tailor exercises and discussions according to the needs of the group or even individuals.

It may be that some people need guided exercises and others want discussions and feedback. Both are always accommodated.

This group has been dynamic, rich, supportive and super-interesting. 

Want to see what real people are like? Want to see real people telling their stories? Want to tell your own? 

Want to make your graphic memoir come alive? 

This group will focus and inspire you. Let's make your story happen!

Want a sample?

Click Here  to download my FREE 8-page preview, Graphic Memoir:  Change Your Life

I wrote the book on Graphic Memoir

My book, The Art of the Graphic Memoir was years in the making, and began here at SAW. In this group, we go beyond, WAAAYYY beyond the book, into powerful, deep execises and conversations about how to turn life into art (and vice versa.)
I wrote the book on Graphic Memoir

What is Included

  • 18 Videos

  • 16 Texts

  • 67 PDFs

  • 1 Audio

  • 1 Download

  • 2 Presentations

  • 50 Hours

Course curriculum