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Painting in Gouache

Explore the vibrant, lush qualities of gouache paint

Want to learn to paint in lush, vibrant gouache? Struggling to figure out how to mix colors? Let me show you!

I've been painting primarily in gouache for 10 years and it is my favorite medium. It provides a rich, opaque pigment and is lush right off the brush. It's a fast-drying medium perfect for great results in just a short time.

In this series of 4 videos, I'll show you the secrets of starting with value, mixing colors and finally painting with a whole palette. You'll learn what paints are best to start with, what tools you should have on hand, and how to paint a portrait of Prince with your eyes closed (ok, maybe not closed...)

These are the simple methods I've used to create hundreds of portraits you see here.

So join me in taking the leap and unlocking the secrets to mixing values like a pro!

What's included?

6 Videos
6 Texts
Jess Ruliffson
Jess Ruliffson

About the instructor

Jess Ruliffson is and award-winning cartoonist currently interviewing veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for a full-length graphic novel. She’s given lectures and workshops at The Drawing Center, The Center for Cartoon Studies, and The Sequential Artist Workshop. She recently completed artwork for The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan by Bryan Doerries, available April 2016 from Pantheon Books. Other clients include The Boston Globe, Wilson Quarterly, Oxford American, E-Line Industries, Columbia University School of Journalism,, PEN America, The NYC Police Foundation, Symbolia Magazine, The Cartoon Picayune, and So What? Press.

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