Every Picture Tells a Story - Begins Sept 5

Every Picture Tells a Story

So you want to create a Tarot deck? Aliza Einhorn will guide you through the mysterious curious world of the Tarot and the fun unique challenges of Tarot deck creation. - Begins Sept 5

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So you want to create a Tarot deck?

Are you curious about the Tarot and want to learn more? In this class we will use the Tarot for personal and creative exploration as well as guide those of you who are interested in creating their own decks. Tarot is my life!

So many of my clients over the years have said to me: Aliza I want to make a Tarot deck! I want to learn tarot! And they don't know where to start or get overwhelmed. 

In this class, we're gonna break it down, piece by piece. I'm here to help.

This class was born in the heart of swampy Gainesville, Florida where I've taught multiple classes in Tarot, imagery and narrative.

In this class, we'll combine Tarot study with exploration of your individual creative process; we'll get you thinking about Tarot in new, more personal ways.

No experience or previous knowledge is necessary to be here. Artist, Writer, Tarot Lover, Tarot novice: all are welcome!

Over these six weeks, through writing and drawing exercises and group discussion (in a private on-line group), I will guide you towards the deck you were meant to create.

Explore Tarot imagery like Roxanne Palmer@redrawnoxen, one of Aliza's in-person students. 

Some topics we will touch on include:

  • We'll look at the history of Tarot imagery 
  • The traditional "Fool's Journey" and investigate how it relates how to your own journey
  • Tarot deck structure from symbols to numbers to colors to people to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet
  • Telling YOUR story in the deck
  • To scene or not to scene (the Minor Cards)
  • Breaking tarot tradition
  • What are the Tarot card "conventions" and what rules will you break?
  • Gender in the Major Arcana
  • The booklet: who will write it?
  • What will make your deck unique?

The course will also include Field Notes, tips from my life as a professional Tarot reader.

When i first encountered the Tarot, I was fascinated, I fell in love, and when I first heard that phrase The Fool's Journey, I tried to make sense of it. I tried to see myself in those cards, but I didn't. Now, years later, they make more sense to me and maybe I make more sense to them. 

I'll help you and the cards come to mutual understanding. You want your cards to reflect but also surprise you. 

In the end, you will know the oracle better, know yourself better, and be well on your way towards the creation of your very own deck! 

Begin your journey to a deeper understanding of Tarot with Every Picture Tells a Story.

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What's included?

6 Videos
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7 PDFs
Aliza Einhorn
Aliza Einhorn
Astrologer & Tarot Reader

About the instructor

I'm an astrologer and tarot reader. It's what I do, how I make my living, with clients all over the world. The wonders of the Internet never fail to amaze me, that I can talk to New Zealand and Croatia and Beirut on the same weekend.

I never planned to do this work. When I was living in Brooklyn, I did a google search for astrology classes and found one and fell in love with it and that was it. I didn't think it would become my life, but I remember a Pisces friend making a prediction that someday I would do readings for people. She was right. 

I teach classes and mentor and I've been known to call myself a Witch--Coach, (I help with your spells!), but first and foremost I'm a writer. Always was. Poet and playwright with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. But along the way this stuff took over. 

You can check out my writing about the stars and cards here and here and I really like what's happening on my new Tree City Witch column because I get to be the poet again but this time writing metaphysical memoir. 

The biggest news is that books are in the works. The first one is an astrology book to be published by Weiser (THE occult publisher) and the second is a book of poems, published by Lark, a self-described healing press. 

I sincerely hope you decide to take this journey with us. Ideally, my classes become families. And I mean that in a good way! 

We don't just learn and create and do the work, we share ourselves and our lives. The time we spend together is sacred, is set apart from whatever your other obligations are. Maybe you're on your phone in the middle of the night, catching up with classroom discussion when you can't sleep, or waiting for the train or standing in-line at the store. We'll be here! You can delve deep and be yourself and maybe, like me, when you start to draw again, or for the first time, you will reconnect to some long forgotten part of yourself. 

I made this pastel Hanged Man a couple years ago during a tough time in my life, and I reconnected to the girl I used to be, the one who loved to draw.

That's also what this class is for -- to connect and reconnect.

What others have been saying about this course:

Sally Cantirino

Every Picture Tells A Story

I have taken several tarot and astrology classes with Aliza already and I am looking forward to taking her newest class. Aliza is a wonderful teacher-- she's down to earth and deeply knowledgeable and passionate. Every conversation brings new in...

Aliza has helped me from an immediate personal perspective, as well as in a teaching capacity, helping me make the connections I didn’t before understand about astrology and tarot.   

- Cate

I cannot stress enough how the seemingly simple tasks and feedback from Aliza were able to "unstick" a mist negative attitude and replace it with productive thought... This woman knows what she's talking about and helps others to understand their own journey through life. 

I highly recommend taking that leap of faith and opening mind and spirit to the knowledge this intelligent perceptive woman holds. 


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