Tom Hart

Comics and Visual Storytelling for Writers

Do you have good work waiting to be adapted to comics? This course helps you make that transition from prose to sequential art.

Emily Flake

Really Funny Gag Cartoons with Emily Flake

Abominable snowman/Alien abductions/Banana peels/Bed of nails/Bird versus worm/ ... Learn joke-craft, brevity, pacing, drawing, and the secrets of the Gag Cartoon here with E. Flake!

Justine Mara Andersen

Depth and Details - Enrolls Summer 2017

How to create more depth and details in your drawings without losing clarity.

Jess Ruliffson

Non-Fiction Comics

How to take articles, interviews and journalistic sources and turn them into vibrant graphic storytelling.

Tom Hart

Storytelling Flow - Fall 2017

Loosen up and flow through your own ideas and images. 8 session, 6-Week Class starts again Fall 2017.

Tom Hart

Creating Your Graphic Memoir

The Art of Telling Your Personal Story in Comics

Tom Hart

Free Resources

SAW's (evergrowing) free library of hints, tricks, techniques and inspirations. Sign in and browse around!

Tom Hart

Storytelling with The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

A free course in understanding comics through the graphic novel, The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

Tom Hart

Creating Professional Comic Strips with Ease

Guiding you through the entire creation of a comic strip: idea building, drawing, lettering and coloring

Tom Hart

Coming Soon!

Want to know what's coming soon? Classes in gag cartooning, non-fiction, inking, painting in gouache and more. Click here for more info.