From Storytelling Flow:

"I'm really pleased with how quickly a (somewhat) cogent plot has developed from minimal voluntary invention on my part. …Another thing that is interesting about this is that it's started me sketching again, which I honestly have not done to any great degree in probably five or six years." - Theodore Malian

"It's a lot more fun that when I'm stubborn with my ideas. I really do feel like I'm on a ride... Its brought a little " i can" back into my creative. Making stories is so on the " individual " and im so caught up in the daily grind of meeting the necessities of the day to day, that its really hard to shift gears and do what i really want to do. I think the things you taught us in the beginning and throughout will help me set aside time for my art more. At least i hope it does :)" - James Sexton

I really like this exercise and I haven't stopped doodling for the last couple of days! - Kayla Placencio

For the first time ever, I have the storyline for a comic! I feel like I'm just starting to hear my own voice. Yay!!! - Charl Elias
So I just wanted to say that this class is / was plenty rad. I have never really written a comic in this way, and I think it is really helping to get me "unstuck"…this class is doing a number on me, so thanks! - Robert Stephens

One of the great things about this course is the positivity. Other places online are often about rejection and I didn't realize how toxic that was to the creative process until I came here. Please don't change that! :-) The improvisational "say yes to everything" approach is magical. And fun, frankly. - Ayal Pinkus

That said. This was a lot of fun. New ideas and details keep jumping out that I wasn't expecting and I feel like I am really intimately getting to know this character... - Paul Jeffrey

And anonymously:

  • I've been struggling to pull a full story together despite having ideas all the time. This class gave me effective tools to follow through with the storytelling process.
  • The course was fun, interesting and useful. I've already used the process on other projects.
  • Very inspiring teacher! Well structured sequence of exercises that really helped me to develop my work.
  • I love the fact that I can study at SAW without being there in person (as much as I would love that). I appreciate the democratic access to this rather sophisticated education. The value of the class was to me very high- receiving college quality instruction for that price seems crazy. Totally grateful!
  • Really, Tom, this was an amazing course. You opened up whole lot of creative possibilities for me. I am really looking forward to more courses!

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Testimonials from Tom's students in New York City:

Tom created a teaching environment that fostered open discussion, unbiased attitudes and a love for understanding how comics work and the kind of work we wanted to make. - Jess Fink

Tom's approach to education and guidance offers sensitivity and candor in equal measure. He offers technical insight across genre boundaries, adapting his criteria to each student's goals and aesthetic preferences. - Dan Strauss

Tom is a magical teacher and all-around great guy. He did not just help my brain understand how to create a good comic, but also opened my eyes to tons of great cartoonists, provided advice outside of class time, helped me find a thesis advisor, lent me fantastic books, etc. (the list goes on.) - Jess Worby

You make comic stories, storytelling so exciting and fun. I know I came to you with a crazy idea of writing a story. I don't think I'd have embarked on such an ambitious journey without your enthusiasm, boundless optimism, and most importantly, a belief in the story - Anna Kim